Weekend Warrior

2005-05-02 / 7:27 a.m.


It was a long weekend. inventory at work didnt take long. Cheap ass LC came in an hour early and pulled the inventory people off of closing the pharmacy to get a head start that way it would be less overtime. I got Laura instead of Vicki, so it was like she should have been writing and I should have been making the call on quantities. As it was she kept asking what I thought, so lets hope I'm a good estimator. After that Anna Young and I hung out with Vicki. We went shopping for Jen's shower and Anna's wedding. Vicki very nicely put in 20 bucks towards the shower, which was more than the other bridesmaid. Then it was on to Mi Pueblos for the shower. We had the entire patio reserved but we only filled one table. But thats ok because it was great fun. I lost a margarita drinking contest to Vicki, had my first shot of patron tequilla and got really smashed. Then it was on to Tim's after Blake tapped a car in the parking lot. He wasnt drunk, he was really just stupid as Vicki would say. But the party continued at Tim's place with Garcia getting sick, me having my first yeager bomb ( I swear they really do taste like bubble gum, that red bull is magic!) and then being to smashed to drive home so blake kindly drove me and I picked up my car the next day.
Sunday was a fun filled WoW slash nap day. Except Brian seems to be upset that I dont play to lvl as much as him. I play to have fun, and I'm having a blast with it so there. Plus i dont understand what his deal is, we never play together anyway. We had a few quests we could have done together but we didnt. I find it very ironic that the game we got me so we could play together haws become the game we play at the same time, occasionally saying hi to each other. THats fine with me I'm not upset we always have things to talk about and I always have questions, but its just ironic.

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