Anyone have a monkey they'll lend me?

2005-05-05 / 8:34 a.m.


Gah, I havent felt like typing in a few days. Lets see...I got 2 lvls on warcraft, although I dont think anyone is interested in that...I hung out with Michelle, made plans to hang out again this weekend, thats always fun. I cleaned up the kitchen, I got up early yesterday and went to Starbucks to work on Jen's shower invites...Ok I live a very boring life. Thats ok though, I dont really like excitement.
I feel ready for a change. I cant wait till August. I just want to start over and that is the perfect time to. New job, new home, no meddling parents, sex all the time, it sounds like paradise. Lets hope it is. Apparently Bri is tired of hearing about my spazzing about the move. I find this odd considering we have yet to have one serious conversation about it that I can recall. I tried to explain to him that its not really about us persay, its the fact that I am going to be jobless and broke and alone, and thats scary. I'm a planner, and I dont really have this planned so it bothers me. I have certain things that I need to know and stuff and honestly I have yet to have any reassurance from him that this isnt the stupidest thing we have ever come up with. I want him to know that this is it. I move up there he;s stuck with me. I cant come back. I could come back and stay with a few people, but parents arent helping so I wouldnt have a way out if I tried. Sigh. Its just frustrating when someone tells you they are tired of you spazzing and you cant remember the last time you talked about the topic that makes you spaz. Boys are such a pain in the ass.
I watched 2 cool movies last night. Fantastic Voyage with Rachelle Welch, about a group of scientists that go into the human body to destroy a blood clot via minaturization. It was very cool, I just wish it would have had a resolution. Then Liz and I had a couple of MST3K moments which ended up in fits of giggles. Perhaps we watched that show too much. Next was Gorillas in the Mist. It is such a good movie. I remember we used to rent it as a child and I always cried. who am I kidding I cried last night. I have a soft spot for primates and seeing this movie makes me want to go live with the orangatauns, my monkeys of choice. ;) Anyway I'm not going ot give away the plot I think everyone should go watch it, its a very powerful movie. Poor, Poor Digit. I have to stop now or I will cry again. Ok its time to go shower, yay!!! Being clean is good.

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