Old movies are far superior

2005-05-07 / 7:19 a.m.


Work has taken a turn to the ridiculous. We now have to keep track of how much we card, without any consideration of what else we do in the pharmacy. As Charlotte said, just when you think you cant hate this place anymore, he goes and does soemthing like this. It was really funny to see the extremes to which people were taking this, some poeple carded like there life depended on it, when I hadnt seen them touch a card in 3 weeks, others like myself, just filled the blank areas on the form in with the things we actually did. For instance I pulled 130 baskets. Everyone in the place (ie other pharmacists) knows who doesnt work. Why not ask the pharmicists their opinion and talk to the people that dont instead of creating a hostile environment for the poeple that actually do their jobs.
So after work Laura and I went to party city and got stuff for the shower. We got some awesome tiki torches with faces on them, and a blow up palm tree cooler for beer. Man if nothing else this party is going to be fun.
Last night Liz and I watched this 1960's Dracula movie with Lawerence Olivier in it. It started out slow but man it got good! Although I do have to say Sir Olivier wasnt very good in it...its hard to watch a distinguished Shakespearean actor fake a bad European accent. I was really rooting for Dracula to get the girl in this one and escape. In fact with the exception of Bram Stoker's Dracula I always want Dracula to get the girl since he is so much cooler than Jonathan. But with Bram Stoker's I would definitely run away from creepy ass Gary Oldman right into Keanu's waiting arms. PS Hollywood, Gary Oldman isnt sexy or a good actor, hes just creepy so stop putting him in movies. But back to the movie from last night: as usually Jonathan is the biggest disapointment, gettng beat up by a bat, and having the worlds most hideous mustache. Sigh but as is always the case Dracula loses...or did he? This movie leaves it open, I prefer to think that he comes back later and gets his revenge by turning Jonathan into a vampire so he is stuck with that mustache FOREVER. I have decided since most Dracula movies are only loosely based on the book that I will write my own script, where the cool guy gets away, and evil triumphs.
As usual last night apparently Brian did the thing we were supposed to do in game with other people. Sigh. Of course he'll still do it with me and now he knows what to do as his eamil said, but it looses something knowing hes already done it, and doesnt even need to be helping me out. I'm not mad, because there was no way in hell I was staying up that late, but come on man, try waiting once in a while. Its frustrating, just say hey I'm probably going to do this with out you dont expect me to do it with you. Here I was being a good girlfriend too. I cant get off work to go to the stupid comic thing he wants so my friend Tim is going to try to go and get what he wants. If he doesnt go and I dont get stuck at work, Im going to haul my ass out to Dallas and get him his drawing, when frankly I have other things to do. I am praying that Tim goes out there, since its GP Saturday and I will probably get stuck working late.

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