"Anyone who doesnt like Hanson is MmmJealous!!"

2005-05-09 / 5:41 a.m.


SO the weekend is over and all I want to do is have one more day of it left. It was a fairly busy weekend for me, I didnt get much WoW time. Saturday I conned Jen into going to Capefest with me to get the drawing Brian wanted. Honestly the thing was not near as cool as I expected and not really worth the drive to Dallas but oh well. I did my good deed. When I was driving home I heard the new Weezer song, and since everytime I hear them it makes me think of daniel, I gave him a call. Apparently his family has moved to Paducah, Kentucky, where all my family is from...creepy. Hes doing good, which makes me happy. In fact just talking to him makes me happy, since all we do is laugh. I might see him on Memorial day, hes up here for Spiritfest or something, you know being gay, and loving God.
Sunday for mothers day I went to church, and then out to eat with everyone from church. I find it odd that my mother didnt actually want to spend time with just me, seeing as how usually we spend the day together by ourselves, but whatever. I enjoy church, I simply have a problemm with my parents acting like they are some sort of normal couple while my dad is still married; its creepy. Every time I go I do remember how much I love my church. I mean these people are great. Margie and Jesse will always be some of the most importnat people in my life and everyone there is great. Every time i go though I wish that Brian would go with me one time. Not because I expect him to find God, or anything like that, just to have a better understanding of where I come from. Yes lots of people grew up going to church but not many people spent as much time there as me. And my church is a little different than most Baptist churches. I went to Southern Baptist christian school, but its different from fundamental baptist services. I always where a dress to church, I know that the songs are going to be the same as always, and that Jesse is going to be loud when he preaches. I just think he would have a better idea about my background if he went once, plus meeting Margie and Jesse would let him know I had some normal influences in my life.
Speaking of Brian he has this idea that we are completely different. I dont think we are at all. I mean we obviously have some differences, but for the most part we like the same things, do the same things, and believe most of the same things. It makes me angry because Jen and i were just talking about this, how people get this assumption of you and thats what they think forever, we were talking about music butit applies to everything, she listens to screaming loud heavy metal/rock mostly so everyone assumes thats all she likes...she also has sunny 97.1 oldies programed in on her radio station. Oh my God I like the Backstreet Boys that must be all I like, lets forget about me liking Weezer and Journey, and all sorts of music, but lets just remember that one group. I honestly feel sometimes that this is what Brian does to me. He thinks that I cant possibly like something due to other things that I enjoy. So yes Brian I actually do like Chuck Palahniuk, and other things you like. I told him we are going to have to actually talk about this soon becuase I really want to konw if he thinks we are so different why the hell would he want to spend the rest of his life with me? So in the spirit of our many differences I am going to go see if my stuff on the AH in WoW sold, oh wait... thats right we both like that..maybe I'll go look at the comics I got his weekend...wait, I know I'll go read political stuff and get mad at the shoddy way the republicans run this country..oh yet again..ok fine time for my morning coffee...now there's a differnce, I sure do love that carmel creamer!

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