So anyone want some booze?

2005-05-31 / 5:52 p.m.


I immediately missed Daniel this morning when I got in my car and I couldnt see since he's a giant but he always drives me around which is the best. I had a great weekend with him...Lots of booze, medieval times (with the Orlando Bloom look alike), more booze at Andrew's, shopping, eating, movies, more booze...Sigh see its really a good thing he turned out gay, because if we had ended up together we would have both needed a liver transplant by the age of 30. Something about hanging out equals boozin' time for us. Thats ok though, we had a blast. And just think, Bri will be here soon, and I can have a blast and get some. Well at least I'll get some. :) Just kidding I love him its just he's not the socialable type, and I'm not really all THAT sociable but compared to him, I'm freaking Paris Hilton I get out so much.
The move is planned now I just have to hear from Daniel about the date for sure, buy the ticket and schedule the moving van, and have a conversation with Bri about all the whatnots involved. So YAY!! Nebraska here I come.

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