maybe I'm making a mistake

2005-06-26 / 1:49 p.m.


No I didnt clean the house because I thought I might actually see my boyfriend. I didnt do all my laundry so I would have something decent to wear in case I was invited to dinner with his parents. I didnt actually expect to be included in family things, I'm only his girlfriend, nevermind the fact that in less than 2 months I'm leaving everything I know to move where he is stationed. I didnt expect him to actually think it might hurt a bit that he cant make 10 minutes of time for me till he hears hes available from his parents. Mind you he's not a child so I was a little confused, but most especially dont stay with me even though you are having to stay at your sisters. I wouldnt want you to actually stay here so you could see me in the evenings and spend the days with your makes much more sense to not see me and stay with your sister.
In fact it makes much more sense to visit texas and just dont even bother to think about me. I'll be fine.

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