Off with their heads!!

2005-07-06 / 11:21 p.m.


I'm going to admit that I sometimes spaz. Ok, it could be said that if there was a queen of spaz, I would be her. Fine happy? I have a problem. Honest injun truth: I am ok if I go a day without talking to Brian. Things happen; life intrudes, sleep intrudes, etc..but not after this weekend. My heart fears the worst when he doesnt answer my calls or respond to my emails. I know its stupid, but I'm desperately afraid. Gah. Go ahead and hand me my crown, but still. Not this week. Give me one week of reassurances especially when you are staying with the people that brought about the original crisis. Maybe he's with friends, maybe dealing with his parents, maybe asleep, hell maybe he shut down again. All I know is if we can make it past this stupid week we will be ok. That goes for both of us. He doesnt own the right to freak out. So there. I'm wearing my crown!

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