Willie Wonka, Willie Wonka the famous chocolateer, Willie Wonke Willie Wonka, I really need a beer...

2005-07-24 / 12:55 a.m.


Jen is throwing me a not so surprise birthday celebration at the Flying Saucer with the help of Danielle. I thought it was super sweet of her. Speaking of Dani B. we got some wonka bars tonight and cruised around town listening to 80's music. I felt bad because she didnt want to stay at my house in case my roommate got mad. Since everyone left about 45 minutes after she got home and it was before midnight on a friday when they cleared out, I dont see what the big deal was. Damn that giant party of Pee-Wee's playhouse watching.
My parents brought me some boxes and inspected my hideously deformed cat Aussie, who has scratched himself bloody, and will have an emergency vet appointment monday. Gots to get packing, I move in less then a month. It makes me sad to think about it though, of course lots of things make me sad right now. For instance I should just go to bed after crying my way through the last Harry Potter book. Damn you J.K. if you make him evil I will kill you.

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