does anyone even read these?!

2005-07-29 / 6:45 a.m.


Well the not so secret surprise party is fast approaching and I have to say I almost cried. Jen has actually themed it Alice in Wonderland since that is my favorite thing in the enitre world. Of course Anna Young thought of it and since she cant keep a secret for anything I know all of the details. Never fear I will act surprised, but its a good thing I know so I can keep from crying when I walk in. Tonghit is Tims get together for me though. Full of beer and trivial pursuit and other games that will annoy everyone else we work with but that he and I will rule at. Lets hope he doesnt get drunk and break more timers though.
Oh check out the book reviews link to the side there...its been a while since I updated it (mainly since diaryland was being stupid) but as I pack I have been reading my books...yeah I know kinda weird. I actually read a lot faster than I review but at least some new ones are up there. Obviously my OCD is in full swing...they are all my childrens books which is the first section in my library, even my sections are alphebetical.

cabbages and kings