RIP Caitlyn

2005-07-31 / 8:45 p.m.

Listening:: old 97's
Playing:: nothing at the moment...unless you count spider solitaire
Reading:: kissing doorknobs

Bah, my brain is fried. What a weekend. There is nothing like a birthday to ruin the routine of the weekend. It was a so-so birthday. Not monumentous in anyway, nothing spectacular happened, but it was fun and nice except it was marred by a death. Jennifer's new dog died. She had heart worms but man i just saw her last night, I didnt expect a call from Jen this afternoon with her crying and wanting to know what to do. Really I'm not good in those situations. She was to scared to go check and make sure the dog was dead and quite frankly I got a little exasperated, because if she wasnt she needed a vet immediately. Thankfully her husband got home and took charge. Damn the pound for letting someone adopt a dog that ill. They should know better.
My little OCD project of reading and reviewing books as I pack was a much bigger challenge than I thought. Not the reading mind you, but the reviewing is difficult. I finally reached the momentous occasion of trying to review the Harry Potter series. I tried to be objective honest...its just hard I love them so much right now. Besides there is so much going on its hard to review. Check out the link to the right if you wanna give it a peak, but be warned: spoilers abound if you havent read them. I figured what the hell, what are the chances that the 2 people on the planet that havent read the books would stumble across my journal? And if you are one of those 2 people, stop reading and just go buy the books for Christ's sake. Stop being ridiculous, they are excellent.
I have a full week ahead of me, with packing and going to the Flying Saucer tomorrow, and more packing...oh and ah did I mention my stupid OCD project? Really what was I thinking with that? I know better.

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