a big bunch of nothing

2005-08-04 / 12:10 p.m.


I dont want to go to work today. Of course I really never want to go to work but still it just feels like a waste of time when I close. We have been so dead that by the time I arrive there is usually nothing left to do and instead of getting to do useful things I have to pretend to be busy.
yesterday was nice. I went to Target with Danielle and finally got some more big black trash bags, and the bucket I've been needing. Its always good to have a cleaning bucket around. :) We got Golden Bowl to go (best Chinese food ever!) and watched Harry Potter 2. Well I watched Harry Potter 2, Dani fell asleep on the couch. She does this often at my house and blames the ever so comfortable couch. I guess its alright, since HP2 is my least favorite of the stories. Oh and my Amazon order came in. Finally got the second book in the Hannalee series in hardback...very hard to do. Of course I read it and reviewed it already.
ON the housing front, I might be moving into my moms old house. The apartments are screwing me around on actually signing a lease and I need to book movers and plan some stuff, and mom is having trouble selling her house so it would be cheaper for her to split the house payment with me (since I cant afford it by myself) and not have to pay the entire thing every month. Im not complaining because having a house would be great! Just think of the library...sigh. Well who knows what will happen. Looks like we'll have to wait and see.
This morning I watched the finally of Hell's Kitchen that Teresa taped for me. I was so happy with the outcome. As nerdy as it sounds I hope the show comes out on DVD, I loved it.

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