weekend review

2005-08-07 / 11:54 a.m.


This weekend started off kinda bad but seems to be ending on a good note. Friday was one of those days. It was apparently my time to talk to everyone that doesnt know me well, but knew me well enough to know that I was moving to Nebraska just so they could ask me if I was excited. Well after choking back the requisit tears that appear everytime he or my move is mentioned I got to say no, its not happening now. This just makes questions that I dont have the strength to answer. Thank God for Ms. Charlotte and her sharp hearing. She quickly interupts and says thats a bad topic so change the subject. She wasnt having that. Of course it just made me super sensitive and by the time the stupid radio at work started playing Mrs. Robinson, I had to go hide in the bathroom for a minute. Its amazing how stupid things like that can get to you. After work my parents were taking me out to dinner...we went to Furr's. I hate Furr's. Unfortunately my dad loves the place. Then my mom started harping on me about church. I just went home and went to bed.
Now Saturday was a good day. After work Jen, Laura, danielle, and I braved the Ikea crowd and went to Frisco. The Ikea store is huge. Wonderfully huge. Yet not big enough for all the people that wanted to get in apparently. There was a line around the store just to get in. We were determined to get in that damn store though after braving the tollway and driving for over a freaking hour. They were giving out water it was so hot in the line and there were fire trucks and ambulances in case you collapsed. The public was determined to get their cheap Swedish furniture this weekend. It was awesome and I want quite a bit of stuff from there now. Its just that half way through we thought we were going to die, the store is so big and the exit was so far away. Plus there were too many people to properly enjoy the store. After we left we all got some fast food and some Boones wine (classy eh?) and juice(for the Malibu at home) and went to my house. I learned that Laura loves Alton Brown too and that Anchorman is funny but not really THAT funny. It's really very hit or miss with me on those movies. I love Dogeball and Zoolander, but I think Meet the Parents and Something about Mary are stupid. Who knows...Anyway I was looking at Jen's wedding pictures and I said that a boy named Robbie was cute. Apparently that is Brians cousin and I am being set up. Damn me and my big mouth. You know Jen and once she gets an idea.
Now I just have sunday lets hope its a good too.

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