"Just get on the phone and make it Happen!!" (another x-files reference...)

2005-08-09 / 10:34 a.m.

Listening:: Fleetwood Mac-Rhiannon
Reading:: Fowers in the Attic

So much to do today that I dont even want to get started...I'm in a gray mood today. Thats the easiest way to describe it. I'm not unhappy, just...gray. I think it maybe my underthings. I've never been a matching bra and panties person, after all its so hard to find bras that match my cute carebears panties, or my supergirl underwear. But today I'm wearing matching gray Vickie's. odd for me.
I'm back to being a glorious redhead. Mom redid my hair last night and it feels nice. Its getting extremely long and it looks really good right now. I look very windblown.
If anyone wants to get me a present I think they should get me an ipod. I have been listening to my media player on shuffle and it is the greatest thing in the world and as soon as I get my stupid credt cards both to 1000 each I'm getting me one as a reward, unless someone would like to get me one now. :) Everytime Fleetwood Mac comes on I remember just how muich I adore Stevie Nicks.
I actually have much more I want to say but there is no TIME!! (insert bad x-file reference here...) so look for a second entry later...

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