Who knew it was so dark this early?

2005-08-11 / 5:37 a.m.


Im up super early this morning. Of course that might have something to do with going to bed super early last night. I had these grand ideas of getting up and going jogging but now my tummy hurts so I guess I wont be doing that. I think the cats are mildly upset that I'm up this early. They are so lazy and are very happy when I'm lazy too.
I managed to pack a few more boxes last night before I collapsed into bed before ten oclock. Packing is so much more boring than unpacking, but that could just be because I like organizing things. I had a great idea while I was waking up this morning. I get those a lot actually, right in the moments when I'm trying to decide whether to get up or to roll back over. Normally I choose to roll back over and then I forget my great ideas. But not this morning, I was hot and I had a stomach ache so I got right out of bed without complaint. I think I;m going to start a movie club. It seems like every Saturday lately Dani, Laura, Jen, and Ana come over to watch movies anyway, this would give us all a turn to pick a movie and me a place to cook and test my recipes. Kinda silly but this way it would already be planned instead of Friday afternoon, us all trying to figure out what was going on this weekend only to decide at 5 o'clock while Larry wasnt paying attention that we would meet at my house around 6, where we end up watching a movie and getting some cheap booze and fast food. I dont know it sounded just cheesy enough to be fun. See what happened when I'm up before the sun?

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