Cooking at 4:30 in the morning is strangly rewarding

2005-08-14 / 8:19 a.m.


Friends-or-too old to have this much fun

I went out on Thursday with Dani, Ana, and Sarah, and a girl who used to work at Glenview but manged to escape for college. We went to Bennigan's and its nice to know that we are all still able to act like small children and have a good time. I think the highlight of the evening was literally coasting to Glenview Pharmacy in Sarahs car from Booth Calloway. It can be done and due to the incline around the pharmacy it seems that you could coast AROUND the pharmacy indefinitly.
Last night Laura and Dani came over and we watched Clercks and clerks cartoons. They liked the movie but I dont think that Dani was as impressed with the cartoons as me and Laura. We were laughing our asses off. Oh Leonardo Leonardo!
I have a friend about to screw up his life big time. I dont know what to say or what to do. I konw that there is nothing that I can do, he asked my opinion and I gave it. Its just dificult to sit back and watch. A baby isnt a toy, and taking on that responsiblity isnt something to enter into with someone who has proven time and time again that they need to be hosiptalized for crazyness. He has a heart of gold, but raising someone elses baby because your skanky girlfriend cheated on you is a bit much.

Parents-or- the endless apartment search

As crazy, useless, self-centered and heartless as they can be sometimes I know that they truly love me. I think I maybe able to get a 2 bedroom apartment now, because they may help out a little. Oh what a relief. I didnt know how I was going to fit all my stuff in a one bedroom. It could be done I've done it before, but I was blessed with an abnormally large one bedroom, and a great arangement of space. Just having a small second bedroom to put my books and desk will be a dream come true. There is nothing like looking at apartments with your parents. My dad got all mad at some of them and said he wouldn't let his dog live there and certainly not his daughter. I can afford it on my own, but its nice to know if I struggle some months that they will be there to help. I dont like being one of those people that depends on their parents for everything, I make decent money now and I am working on a budget, but sometimes things happen like vet visits or sick time off of work, and having them there is a relief.

Cooking-or- the second coming of Martha Stewart

So I got up yesterday and I made six different kinds of scrambled eggs, using various ingredients such as water, milk, and cream, labeled each in individual containers and took them to work in an attempt to decide what is the best thing to make eggs with. Well surprise surprise its good old fashioned whole milk but half-and-half was a close second. I am determined to cook my way through cooking for dummies and practice basics like scrambled eggs becuase you cant be a great cook if you cant do the basic stuff perfectly. I can cook pretty decent I think at least, but if I am serious about the culinary program next year I want to be prepared before I go in. So todays agenda is once again scrambled eggs, but this time with things like parsley and parmesean cheese, added with the milk. So if anybody's hungry stop on by. :) I promise I wont be cooking eggs forever. Also I have to find a nice pot rack for my new apartment... did you konw there is actually a website called potracks galore? Amazing.

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