moving blows

2005-08-22 / 8:57 p.m.


I'd like to say I had a crazy wild weekend, since that is kinda what I need to do sometime soon, just to change things up a bit, but alas no. That・s ok though, it was a nice weekend, and I did have some fun. Saturday I hung out with Jen and good times ensued. We went kitchen store shopping where I bought some ridiculously expensive shelf liner made from cork, so as to combat mildew from wet dishes being put up. I thought the idea was ingenious and apparently William and Sonoma agreed, what with their exuberant pricing and all. I looked at what amounts to kitchen porn for me: nice pots and pans. Sigh, I have to say as nice as All-clad is, I think that Calaphon got the handle design better but it seems a bit heavier. I really have to find a place that sells Viking cookware so I can look at that, since they appear to have the best handles and Alton Brown recommends a few of their pieces. I could buy a pan online but if I・m going to spend 150 dollars on a damn skillet I am going to pick it up and stare at it for a while just to make sure I like it. Hell the damn store should have a stove set up for me to trial cook on at that price. Maybe even an employee standing by to whack a few times in the head to check for skillet killing potential. Who am I kidding, if I ever got a skillet that expensive I wouldn't want to ruin it with blood I・d use my cheap cast iron one; it・s heavy and would probably work better anyway.
After the joy of kitchen stores and ice cream, it was time to go see her new puppy, watch Clerks and drink. After a few of those it was time to go get a fuzzy poster and markers at Walmart and head back to my house to watch the Clerks cartoons. Well one half-colored My little Pony poster later and Jen realizes she left a cap off a marker that she had her leg on that seeped through 2 layers of sheet and straight to my mattress. Yes we were watching TV on my bed, since my house is kinda empty from the move. Neither one of us felt like moving a TV and trying to hook up some form of DVD player/video game system so we just piled on my bed since the X-box was still hooked up in there. Sigh. Markers and booze do not mix. Oh well, I got most of the stain out, but I・ll always have a reminder of the drunken my little pony poster.
Last night I loaded up my car, full of stuff to take to the apartment. It looked like a bag lady was driving. But my god I am ready to get this move over with, no more playing around, I am going to be a moving machine this week. Now if only I had some spare cash everything would be better. I have this idea of having the world's most awesome apartment unfortunately I have no budget for such wonderment. It looks like it will have to be a little at a time starting with the worlds best shelf paper.
Of course after unloading said car I need a new spine, it was over 100 degrees at 5:00 as I started unloading. I now know what hell feels like. My mom thought I was going to collapse when she got there I was so red in the face. Alas I must start using the workout room; I am ridiculously out of shape. Speaking of shape I am glad I'm not crazy obsessed with my weight. A friend at work is even though she is stick thin, she is always dieting and complaining about being fat. She never seems happy. I could lose ten pounds and be happy, but I'm not fat and I'm happy now too. I figure I can still get clothes at old navy and Lerner's, so I'm good. I may not weigh what I weighed in high school, but I figure the nice breasts is more important, that and I can still wear a pair of shorts or a skirt with out cringing. I do wish I could lift more though

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