I give this one a 3

2005-08-24 / 8:21 a.m.


I watched Boston Legal with Liz last night at her new apartment. It was fun as usual and then she helped me take a load of stuff to my new apartment since her SUV will hold way more than my tiny car. We laughed and joked about single white females...and other such amusing stories, and I tried to steal her kitchen. Seriously I love it. Thats the one thing I hate about my apartment. I love the fact that since my complex is old my apartment is huge and cheap, but the kitchen is hideous. Thats alright though, I can still cook good stuff in a tiny kitchen with the right equipment, which is why thursday Liz and I are driving out to the Viking store and then getting breakfast at Cafe Bazil the worlds tastiest restaurant. I hope they sell grilled cheese that early becauase theirs is to die for. Six different cheeses should be illegal I tell you, it just makes every other grilled cheese taste like crap.
I saw a girl driving a Mini Cooper on Glenview yesterday, sigh I want one, a convertable one to be exact. My protege just doesnt exude personality quite like a Mini would.
I sure there is tons of stuff I was going to say, and I will probably remember later but I have to go shelf paper the apartment, I just cant get over the fact that other people have been touching the cabinet interiors. Damn me and my clean freakiness. Lets hope I dont end up with bits of shelf paper stuck to me instead of the drawers; I'm not very crafty.

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