internet withdrawls already

2005-08-26 / 6:53 a.m.


This is it, the last diary entry for a few days at least. The internet is disconnected today and it wonít be hooked up at the new apartment till Wednesday. Iím sure by then Iíll have all sorts of amusing moving anecdotes; that or tales of pure boredom without the internet. Yesterday was freaking awesome. Liz and I went to Dallas and had breakfast at Cafť Brazil, one of my favorite restaurants and then we went to the Viking store to look at cooking gear, and damn if it wasnít my favorite. I want a mostly Viking set with a few all clad and cast iron pieces thrown in. Anyway kitchen porn aside, we just had a really great time. We revived the theater idea, I figure nowís the time with the Trinity River Project and it would be a great showcase for any cooking skill I might acquire between now and then. I think we might actually give it a go.
Last night after I got off work, we loaded up her car and took a load of stuff to my apartment. Unfortunately the electricity was out in the complex, but a nice neighbor helped us carry up what we had set out of the car already. The rest of it gets to live in Lizís car till tomorrow when we try again. Then it was time for some delicious taco bell and internet fun. I got a new background with Alton Brown covered in post it notes, with one that says donít fry bacon naked. It made me laugh. In fact every time I look at it a tiny giggle escapes. Then we amused ourselves with this hilarious site that takes gross food from 1950ís and 60ís cook books and shows the pictures with witty little descriptions. Hilarious. Check it out: gross food There are no words for how funny this site is.
Ok Iíve intentionally left the funniest/most pathetic part of yesterday till the end, I figure if you read this far you get to know. I got trapped in my house by a wasp. Yep a wasp. I stepped out on the porch to leave for work and as I was fumbling with my keys a wasp starts flying around me. Now those of you who know me know that I am a girlie-bug wuss. That may be putting it mildly, but the 2 bugs that scare me the most are spiders and wasps, and here comes one of those straight for me. Well I let out a few loud yelps and turn and run back in the house. The damn thing gets in between the screen and the door. This is the one and only time I wasnít cussing my jank screen door, since it wonít close all the way the wasp can just fly on out of there. I wait about ten minutes and slowly open the door a crack and peak out. The fucker is still there. I screech again, much to the dismay of the cats, and slam the door closed. I have to leave and go to work at this point, but there is no way Iím getting past the wasp. SOÖI decide to go out the back door and go through the side gate; all to avoid that wasp. I got out and laughed at my ingeniousness. Of course when I came home 8 hours later it was dark and I hadnít left the porch light on and as unlikely as it was that the wasp would still be hanging out on my screen door I was forced out of fear to re-enter the house through the back. Thatís the sad part, the fear was so ingrained I stumbled around a dark back yard rather than risk an encounter with a wasp that probably left hours ago. Sometimes I wonder about my sanity.


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