Bah! school sucks already!

2005-08-30 / 9:02 a.m.


Here I am, updating at school, nearly going insane from the lack of sleep I've gotten in the past few days. Literally I have about a million things to do and no time or motivation to get them done. Is it wrong that I want to say screw the house and the deposit and jsut leave the rest of the crap there to let the management company deal with? Worse is it wrong that I just want to take a nap instead of going to class? I forgot why I dont take morning classes at TCC...small children. Ok they arent SMALL but still fresh from highschool people annoy me in ways there is no language for. I realize there are a few exceptions but as for this place; I've found none. Anyway its off to math class where I can just fail one more time and prove once and for all that it doesnt matter how many books I can read in a day I'll never be able to handle the quadratic formula no matter how many times I try.
I promise I'll have a real update tomorrow, but I gots to get out of this library...

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