2 weeks down--14 to go

2005-09-08 / 4:17 p.m.


Well, well well, it seems that my apartments are shady in the fact that there is no cable outlet in the second bedroom, or in fact, anywhere except the living room so until I can get a wireless router this weekend and reschedule my appointment I am internet-less. I have been reading everyone still dont worry, but I havent wanted to put in the time for a decent entry while sitting at my parents. Heaven forbid they should ever discover this. I am on lunch break now sitting at work wishing I didnt have to close tonight. Thats the price you pay for an education. Just gotta keep thinking on the theater. Liz and I have our first business meeting this friday at Barnes and Noble. I know my dream of owning a theater is outlandish but after writing about it for English the teacher talked to me and told me she was very impressed with the idea. It made me feel better about it. All I know is I dont want to do what I'm doing for the rest of my life and right or wrong I'm never going to say I didnt try something that I wanted to do. HELL we all know some of the things I've almost done.
Gots to get back to work now...dont forget about me guys, I'll be back soon I promise!!
I have a huge philosophical entry that I need to type up but I dont have the time now.

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