Anally raped by fate

2005-09-12 / 2:01 p.m.


I would like to say that this weekend was wonderful and oh so much fun, but no. Elizabeth and I met at B&N for the first business meeting of our theater business. That was nice. We figured out schedules and degree plans and all sorts of important things. Then we decided to go drive by our favorite location for the business. The damn Isis theater in Fort Worth has been sold!! We dont know for what but if its going to remain a theater our plans for Fort Worth would be screwed. Ok we regroup: we go to her apartment to get directions to our second favorite location in Dallas. Fine we'll just switch markets. The Casa Linda has not only been sold its been sold to the Alamo Drafthouse the very place we got the idea from. Damn you drafthouse!!!! You already have Austin and Houston, leave DFW for the entreprenuers!!! Liz is supposed to be figuring out what is going in to the Isis, so hopefully we can just go back to our original plan in a different building. Its been a nail-biter of a weekend and I still havent heard anything.
On another more pathetic note: I got upset because I saw that he read my journal the other day. Thats the first time since all this happened that he has. Its stupid that it upset me, but what is even stupider is the fact that he hasnt read it since has managed to upset me even more. I cant begin to understand the weird way this hurts all I know is it does. This is exactly the reason I dont want to be in a relationship right now: I'm too damn busy for stupid emotions that would interfer with my dream and I think I'm going to be pretty screwed up for a while anyway thanks to jerkface. Sad he's reading it: sadder that he stopped?! Really sometimes I wonder if there is a brain cell left working in my head... So yeah tell me that title isnt the truest thing ever written?

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