feeling sorry doesnt get me a theater

2005-09-20 / 10:11 a.m.


I just finished my first algebra test. I dont think I did too bad which worries me since usually if I think I did bad I did good and vice versa. We'll just have to wait and see I guess. I dont think my 8 am class is going to work out for me. I just couldnt make it today. I have a hard time getting up early and functioning. I can get up but its hard for me to get out of the house. I ended up studying for my test. At least I was up right? And honestly its better to know now that I cant handle an 8 AM class anymore. It was different when I didnt have to work and then stay up doing homework or hell even just having a few minutes of fun, but now with all my other obligations I have problems. On the plus side the rest of my classes are going smoothly. I have a geology test next Monday and a lab test the week after that and quite frankly I think I could take them both tomorrow.
This weekend was great. There is nothing like driving around Dallas looking for a theater you've been to once in your life, just to take some dark pictures before the thing changes. Oh well, it was worth it for the crepes at Cafe Brazil, the laughs and the good tunes that Liz and I enjoyed. Besides, its not like it was a bad Saturday night, at least I was out of the house.
My friend Tim is having a baby. I'm happy for him, its just I work in this strange environment where everyone is married or getting married, having babies and generally just so damned happy about their lives. I feel old. I feel bad that I am single and not loving it. At least I should be a poster child for the fun single life right? Dont get me wrong I'm not unhappy...its just I'm not exactly thrilled with my personal life and hearing about the joys of marriage every five seconds makes me want to go hang myself in the nearest bathroom. And of course T didnt help with her constant barage of "I really always thought you and Tim were going to get together" comments. Yes you and the rest of the pharmacy thought us some sort of soulmates and maybe in a different world we would have been. But we were both with someone when we met and are the bestest of friends. What I want to know is how come the last guy I found attractive was a homo we almost ran over this weekend in the gayborhood? And why is it that I only msis Daniel when I'm out furniture shopping? Sigh. I need to stop complaining and focus on the good stuff: I am no longer wasting my life with a Pisces bastard! :)
ps- can someone tell me why I continue to purchase books when I own about 6 million? (slight exageration...I think...)

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