a boring discussion of my weekend

2005-09-27 / 4:06 p.m.

Playing:: Medievil--PS at its best

I wish it was still the weekend. I miss it and its only Tuesday. It was a good one, a bit busy but still overall good. I thought it would be bad since it started with me coming home to cat vomit. There is nothing like that and of course there was no cat to blame since neither of them was acting particularly guilty. On Saturday I shopped and shopped some more for my friend Anna's wedding shower. I like shopping to an extent, dont get me wrong, but it was a bit too much for me. Although now I have to say I want to get married so I can register for all new kitchen stuff. I dont even care who it is, and we can split the stuff and get it annulled later, all I know is I want those cute red dishes at Dillards. Any takers?
Saturday night was great. I went hooker-looking with Elizabeth. Apparently she saw a hooker getting picked up on Harry Hines one day but when we went out there Dallas had cleaned up Harry Hines. Damn you Laura Miller...I just wanted to see one hooker for laughs. Sunday I went to Crystal's Pizza after the shower with some friends. They did not seem to enjoy it as much as I did. Of course I can be like a kid, but I dont understand people that dont like air hockey.
Anyway it was a busy weekend and I still have no internet access...I would love to get some but this week I have to get my mother a birthday present...sigh.

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