Friday was flu shot day!

2005-10-22 / 9:09 a.m.


There are things going on in my life that I dont feel I can discuss here. I'm not trying to be overly cryptic but I'm taking the great voice of reason Andrew's advice and other people be damned. Teresa said the same thing. She is like the sister I wish mine had been. Instead I get a chain-smoking, alcoholic bitch. Dont get me wrong I love my sister: its just we're not close and we never will be. Even if we were I would never ask her advice on ANYTHING. It is amazing that honestly now I feel better, almost at peace. Drew has his theories which I wont get into but he is a smart man.
I had the wedding rehersal last night. It was incredibly boring. Kami and I thought we were going to die. Finally it was time for the restaurant and the margaritas! Good times insued. I love Kami but she is dating the trashiest guy. Of course she has a habit of that, but still this crane operator was the worst yet. I think he smelled like booze before we started drinking. Ugh. Poor Andrew had to put up with my drink infused giggling for the evening, since we went to get some coffee after that. The people I talked to on the phone had to as well. HAHAHA serves you all right for not being there with me.
I got a free flu shot at work. Funny story: I had to unbutton my shirt half way since I was wearing a button down long sleeve shirt for the rehersal dinner and it wouldn't roll up high enough. Funnier still it was Ray who gave me the shot. Why me? Of course Teresa and Craig had a damn field day with that one. Why oh why was it the pharmacist with the weird crush on me? If I had gone in 2 minutes earlier it would have been Glynn. I guess I shouldn't complain: we were kinda sneaking them in while the boss was gone just in case he was going to charge us, and I wont get the flu this year. So what if I had to show my bra for that?
The wedding is tonight. I get to go to the petroleum club and pretend I'm rich. This should be fun. I have a beautiful dress though and I think I'm going to get all prettied up for fun. Hair curled and everything. I do clean up nice. Oh and then tomorrow its off to Waldens. Andrew told me that Ms. Irene was excited about working with me so I feel like I should definitely go up there now. I cant disapoint her she's the sweetest lady I've ever met. Besides I already told him I might need a weekend off in November.

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