Here in my car...

2005-10-26 / 12:00 a.m.


Have you ever just wanted to scream at the top of your lungs that someone is being stupid? Its not that you dont respect their concerns because you do and you really REALLY appreciate them talking about it with you, its just sometimes you wonder why they dont realize what a damn good thing they have. Love is a hard thing to find: dont over-analyze it when you get it.
Garcia and I got to be drivers today for Glenview. We got to go pick up some meds at good place. We managed to get lost going to a nursing home 5 minutes away. I am totally blaming Craigs inability to give directions, or at least to listen when I ask if the street we turn on is at a light. yeah uh huh thats it. Sigh. Anyway the Kia is definitely going on the list of cars I cant stand. We were flooring it and maybe hitting 35 in 60 seconds. The whole thing was shaky and just generally crappy. So ok here is the Jenni hates these cars list:
1. Dodge Neon- you are the worst car ever.
2. Kia- so cheap
3. Geo ANYTHING!- the Simpsons got it right
4. PT Cruisers-(midge hurse) sorry mom
5. Honda- Element hideous box on wheels
6. Aztec- yet another hideous box on wheels
7. Scion- sigh someone stop with the boxes
8. Ford- focus cheap trying to be trendy it just doesnt work

Granted I'm not much of a car person but I do know what I dont want. Anyway...Halloween party is on the horizon. Its at Wades this year and it proves to be fun. I think I am going as Elphaba.

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