*sniff* cough*gasp*

2005-10-26 / 5:43 p.m.


Being sick is horrible. I have the worlds worst cold let me tell you. You would think that working in a pharmacy would come in handy at a time like this but alas it does not. The only thing helpful about it is there are plenty of tissues around and all the Vitamin C I can swallow and swallow I did. There really is no cure for the common cold. I promise folks. I took a handle full of vitaminc C, sudafed and some tylenol, since most cold medicine has a tendency to put me to sleep. All I can do is hope to shorten the run of this bastard with some good ole vitamins. Till then I will have to look like Rudolph since no amount of makeup is covering up this red and puffy nose.
Did I mention I found out my dad and his friends are still children? Apparently after church this sunday everyone went to Golden Bowl where Dad, Jesse (my second dad) and Dewey had a chinese pepper sauce eating contest like they were 10. Then they proceeded to try to put it in Margie's (my second mother) food with out her knowing it. These are 50 and 60 year old men giggling like school girls according to my mother. Sigh and people wonder while I'll never grow up: just look at what raised me.
My cat has been in my flowers from the wedding. She is dyed yellow in all sorts of spots. I know it was the flowers because as Kami and I left they rubbed on her face and she had one bright yellow cheek for the ride home. Only Zelda.
Ok well I'm off to the couch and to try to con someone into bringing me dinner since I dont feel like cooking.

cabbages and kings