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2005-10-28 / 11:16 p.m.


The Halloween party is tomorrow. Honestly since Iíve been sick I havenít even felt like planning it, so it was all very last minute and not nearly up to the standards of the normal Halloween bashes Wade and throw. Still a party is a party and I will be there decked out as Elphaba (the Wicked Witch of the West for those non-Wicked fans) and there will be cheese dip and jello shots a plenty. And as Andrew said what more does one need?
Teresa and I are trying to get tickets to Bon Jovi. I know its fucking awesome. I may have gotten ridiculed a bit for it but come on folks you all love my quirkiness and lets face it: my ability to sing most all 80ís pop on command is part of it. Letís just say I sang Liviní on a Prayer all day today.
Oh and since I really donít have all that much left to sayÖheres a survey stolen from Liz yet again.
Top 3 favorite cities to visit:

1. Venice
2. New York
3. Orlando

Last 5 songs listened to:

1. ďSafety DanceĒ-Men Without Hats
2. Time Warp- Rocky Horror Picture Show
3. Doreen- Old 97ís
4Victoria- Old 97ís
5. Liviní On a Prayer - Bon Jovi

Top 10 Artists according to [ how does that = anything but confusion?]
(from most listened to least listened)
1. Old 97ís
2. Backstreet Boys
3. Postal Service
4. Journey
5. Weezer
6. Goo Goo Dolls
7. Beatles
8. Rilo Kiley
9. U2
10. Burden Brothers

Top 5 shows I am addicted too, but ashamed to watch:

Iím not ashamed of any of the shows I watch. But here are my top five shows anyway.
1. X-Files
2. Boston Legal
3. House
4. Dallas
5. Good Eats

5 Blogs I read the most:
ummm I read a lot of people but probably Andrew and Liz most of all simply because I know them personally. Other than thatÖok honestly I read them all fairly equally.

Three foods I ate last weekend that I am ashamed of:
1. all that damn wine at the wedding
2. the cheese off of Kaniís plate at the wedding
3. umm last weekend was a long time ago... maybe the energy drinks I downed to stay awake through it all?
Technically Iím supposed to tag some one but the only person I know who might do this did it first. So ha! I tag no one!


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