Happy Halloween Everyone!

2005-10-31 / 6:02 a.m.

Playing:: Baldurs Gate

Well the Halloween party is OVA! I think I might finally be sobering up just about now. Its seems even last minute we can throw a decent party. Not as many people came as we would like but that was just more jello shots for us. MAybe we had five packages of them...I'm not saying. I think I'm actually going to post some pictures, since I painted myself green the world needs to see that. Being the wicked witch was a lot more difficult then I thought. Most importantly getting the green off is a lot more difficult then I thought. My neck and wrists still show the evidence. Its a good thing that green is my favorite color.
Today is Halloween and I think that Paige is taking some of us around to local real-life haunting sites. It should be fun. Hopefully she is feeling better after puking all over Wades bathroom. Wade and I were just glad it wasnt us this time. This is my favorite holiday what with all the costumes and scary stuff so I cant wait for tonight. Yesterday I was super lazy and I watched Open Water and I played Baldurs Gate. I'm determined to get a character to lvl 40 in that game, no matter how impossible it seems. I'm lvl 22 now and it will happen I tell you.
Anyway I had a great weekend. Fun with everone who came and had some great phone conversations with those that could not be here. Sigh. October was great, lets just hope November is even better!

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