Surgery sucks

2005-11-02 / 6:21 a.m.


Today is surgery day. I'm really quite nervous. Way more than I should be. It did make me fell better to know that a few people will be worried till they hear from me when I wake up. I sure wish I didnt have to work half a say first. God I love my job. Just in case some thing goes wrong... and I go blind here is who gets my cool stuff. All the stuff that will be useless if blind.
1. video games- someone find Brian, he'll take good care of them and play them often.
2.movies- Paige has my same wierd taste so those go to her
3.books- Liz might have to throw out the ones we both have but overall she'd get a good haul., since he does all that photo album stuff
Ok thats all folks. Lets hope I dont actually go blind, but wish me luck!

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