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2005-11-28 / 9:28 p.m.


I guess its time for an update. I had a good weekend. Great in fact. Saturday I got to hang out with Paige. Man it was like old times; we watched Father Ted, we watched MST3K, we watched all of the School House Rocks cartoons (with a bit of singing and maybe some interpretive dancing), we pigged out on fried balogna sandwichs and pumpkin pie and candy (with a small candy fight) and also sucked her into the World of Warcraft. Thats right I converted someone. Now her and TJ will start to play and then we will start a guild and take over the WORLD...of warcraft...It felt so good to just let loose and be my weirdo self. There is nothing like hanging out with someone who doesnt find it at all strange that you know all the words to a MST3K episode and only finds it weird if you didnt have a favorite School House Rocks cartoon. By the way mine is three is the magic number. Yes it is. :) So we are doing it again this weekend. This time there will be a little PS2 involved and maybe some Alien Hunter and probably another candy fight honestly. She started it by lobbing that Bit o' Honey at my face!
I watched Saw Sunday with Laura, it was a good movie and now I can say that I've seen it. Watching Cary Elwes reminded me of my old crush on him from Robin Hood Men in Tights. Good Times those times....Wow has been going good, Bri started a character to lvl with me and sent me some money and bags which was awful kind of him.
The funny thing about being sexually active is you actually look forward to your period. I remember times when I'm like damn its that time of the month, but not now. Its always a mild relief to realize you're not pregnant. I mean protection is only so effective. Not that I am enjoying this by any means, its just an odd sensation to wake up and be vaguely pleased that you are bleeding from your vagina even if that moment is a short one.
My dad is being an asshole as usual. He purposely went out bought the car I begged for. He actually dought one out, color and everything, then proceeded to get it in a stick so I cant drive it. Yay! I love my family. Anyway back to WoW!

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