movies everywhere!

2005-12-13 / 10:44 a.m.


Its been one movie filled weekend. It all started with Rent but I mentioned that one already. It hit its peak with Chronicles of Narnia and ended with Pride and Prejudice.
Saturday I went with Wade, Ester and Derek to see CoN for Dereks birthday. Ester and I expertly managed to flirt the ticket prices down talking to the poor geeky ticket salesman. The movie was great, even if Wade did keep a running dialog in my ear freaking out about wolves and other things. The only problem I had was the Peter shouldn't have been crowned Peter the Magnificent it should have been the Beautiful. He's legal folks chill out and in my defense he looks strangely like Tom. Either the movie was filmed in 1999 or that kid is really a son of the clown I'm telling you.
Sunday was fun as usual. I once again navigated DFW airport and picked up Jen from Chicago, went grocery shopping with Paige, beat Baldurs Gate and watched some PeeWee with Paige, cooked chicken pot pies and watched Gray's Anatomy with Paige and Andrew. Desperate Houseeives was not on this week due to stupid home makeover. GRRR. The pies were good, Andrew gorged himself as usual and there was still room for Mexican ice cream! Ok it was Blue Bell but it had some weird ass Spanish name. Andrew is still saying it repeatedly. It is delish though so everyone go get some! Its all cinamon-y and tasty...ok enough about the ice cream...
Last night was Pride and Predjudice, sigh, it was wonderful. Its my favorite Jane Austen book. Lets just say that perhaps Andrew and I talked in a British accent for a bit and maybe I am constructing my time machine so I can go back in time and marry Mr. Darcy. We proceeded to cover me in Burberry perfume at Sephora trying to find the variation I liked because I could not remember. Its the original, the plain Brit (not red or gold) and the weekend. hint, hint. Onward to home in a car that says "I'm Filthy, just like my car" on the back window. Thanks Andrew, thanks a bunch.

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