I think I need some eggnog

2005-12-23 / 5:46 p.m.


I've had some pretty amazing times lately. The gift exchanges with my friends have been above and beyond wonderful this year. Its not really the gifts so much as the fact that each one of them has seemed to show me just how well they know me with their choices. Wade and his Victoria's Secret giftcard, Paige and the She-ra DVD, Blake and the candyland t-shirt...the list really could go on forever. Thats what Christmas is about: its not the money you spend its brightening someones day with the thoughtfulness you showed them.
The lights were good this year: well at least in interlocken. Diamond Lock was a bust which is oddly disheartening, its like a piece of my childhood gone. The only problem with said lights are the damn themed santas. Ester already mentioned this but I feel the need to point out as well that cowboy hat wearing Santa's are just ridiculous. That and fireman santa who may actually be worse. What if in going down your chimney he starts a blaze; he can also put it out? God save us all from themed santas.
Speaking of holiday problems...what is it with people doing major banking in the drive-thru lane at banks? If you have to send the tube back more than once you should have gone inside its just curteous to the people behind you that simply have a deposit to make. Oh and driving rules apparently change during the holidays as well. I'm sorry car in the lane next to me, you can stop and put your blinker on all you want I'm not letting you over. I'm sorry you didnt want to wait in the line of traffic like the rest of us to enter the mall, zooming up in the other lane and then blocking traffic to get in and do your last minute shopping isnt going to happen on my time.
Really I'm not a grinch I'm just frustrated and on edge. I always worry about the state of my relationship when Brian is home and staying with his parents. Its nice to know they hate you and try to talk him in to dumping you. Its even better to know that in the past it has worked. Damn this holiday meloncholy. Hopefully this year patterns wont be repeated but I have to say that my optimistic nature gets just a little down at this time of year. I love the holidays, but they always seem to end badly for me. Halloween, Christmas, Valentines day...maybe one time I could just have a freakin' normal one.

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