Good-bye 2005...Hello 2006

2006-01-01 / 9:15 a.m.


What a Difference a Day can Make
Its 2006 and I am ready for something new and exciting. I have all these great plans and great ideas of ways to have fun and spend some major quality time with the people important to me. This past week I learned that sleep is overrated: really you only life once do you want to waste it doing nothing? There are so many things I want to see and do and who knows where any one of us will be this time next year, so I plan on making the most of it. Lord knows I want to experience things and I want to do it with my friends. Its time to start getting my ass up and doing things Saturday morning with Wade. Its time to get that damn Texas map and go do haunted thimgs with Paige, its time to start buffing up on movies with Ester (besides we need it for our trivia games), and its time to spend more time with Andrew discussing books. Oh and lets not forget Derek and Anna. After all Derek and I just might run away together to live kept lives in Austin. We need to brush up on our video gaming skills since thats all we plan on doing all day.
Looking for a homo in a haystack

My new years was fun. It was supposed to be spent at home playing games with wade, ester, derek, and anna but derek, wade and anna wanted to go out to station 4. Honestly it sounded kinda fun but I wastnt paying 20 bucks to get into a gay bar only to be stuck there all night well after I would want to leave. So Ester and I stayed home and ate dinner and played games while they went out. We all hung out first: anna being my new favorite person for having a lunchbox full of jello shots and water bottles full of different liqors. We drank and had a good time. Everyone left Ester and I ate at Bennigan's and started playing. We of course started getting cryptic phone calls from wade before our food even arrived..."you're on stand by!" "I want a sandwich and some cheetos" and my fav "Jennifer, I dont lie...I want some food!!!" so anyway it was off to the gay-borhood to go get him. I'm glad he called; it was responsible of him. We got Derek and Anna as well which was a good thing since Derek had to lead the two of them to the car since they were a little gone. We couldnt find Wade at first so after cruising the gay strip for a while and I swear seeing a hooker we called Derek. That was our ticket home. After that there was some minor drama which I wont go into because I'm hoping that everything turns out all right and I honestly had a good time and I dont want to taint my memories.
Final Thoughts

Heres hoping everyone has a great year and everyone acopmlishes what they want. I'm going to get my ass out of debt I swear it. Thats my resolution. I have places I want to go but I dont feel right showing up all debt ridden and poor. Truly I am working on it. Also on a side note: I am going to make things work with a certain boy out there! I love him and he loves me and its high time we stopped acting like the spazs that we are and became adults. Nothing bad is going to happen- and he is still going to love me tomorrow and as soon as we realize that we will both be a little happier.

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