This is for you Bri

2006-02-05 / 3:47 p.m.


So I'm updating this thing for Brian and Brian alone. I'll be honest I use myspace now. I know its stupid and a waste of time but I love it. Yes I have become one of the masses. NO I dont use it for hook ups or anything like that, I use it to talk to my friend, or people that I wish really were my friends. Actually I havent even updated that one in forever. Sometimes I just go through a phase were I dont feel like updating my journal. Its just a me thing. So nothing is new...I have a new roommate. Thats fun. Really it is, that wasnt sarcasm. It would appear I even have trouble with tone in my writing. Yes so Ester and will be fun if this weekend full of last minute moving is ever over with. There is nothing like moving at midnight let me tell you. So on to the super bowl party at jenn's house. You say super I say bowl! Super! -----

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