that most dreaded of holidays

2006-02-14 / 9:14 a.m.


Ok I have lots more to write on, I have an adventure Saturday blog that Iím working on, a cooking project one, but all that gets put on hold for the obligatory Valentines Day entry. Why is it obligatory you ask? Well I love holidays and Hallmark created or not I still love this one.
Its funny to me how all the single people out there bemoan the fact that they are single on this day out of the year more than others, because believe me in my experience having someone doesnít make for a better V-day, in fact it normally leads to a worse one. Itís not all flowers and candy, diamonds and gold showers people. In fact itís more like ďI spent as little effort and money on this as possible hope you arenít pissed at meĒ presents.
The first Valentines Day I had someone was nice. I got a rose and a box of chocolates. Not original mind you but we were in the 8th grade. Poor Jonathan did the best he could with the hopes of reaching 3rd base with said rose Iím sure. This proceeded years of crappy V-days to come.
The Valentines Day I spent with Daniel was sure to be amazing right? I mean come on he was gay, he proposed on New Years with a limo and a Bas Hall trip to a musical, he made me a freakiní Easter basket stuffed with video games; surely he pulled some trick out of his hat. No I got to go pick out my own bean bag chair at Wal-Mart.
Now not all the V-days in-between those numerous years was crap. They just werenít with anyone. My friends and I have had some amazing single Valentines Day festivities but that is a subject for another entry.
Flash forward to Brian. Ahhh Brian. The first Valentines Day we spent together was amazing. I cooked; he got me the sweetest card (which I still have) and a Gamestop gift certificate. Not exactly a romantic present but a good present proving that though weíd only been dating a few weeks he new me quite well. The years after that with Brian have been nothing short of hair pulling. Usually Iím lucky if I get an online card. Or there was the year my present was he was quitting smoking. That WOULD have been an unbelievable present, if it had managed to last even a week.
This year I was told that I should realize he hates Valentines Day and that I am too materialistic. One day that boy will learn itís not about the money. My most prized presents from him cost him barely 10 bucks in the whole 4 years weíve been together. Itís really the thought that matters. I wonít say that if something is expensive it means LESS, its still in the thoughtfulness of it. Taking me to a store and letting me pick out everything I want (8th birthday dad) doesnít mean as much as you remembering something that I will really love and going to get it.
So we get to see what this year holds for Jenni. More later!


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