3rd adventure saturday

2006-02-16 / 10:53 p.m.


So Adventure Saturday #3 has come and gone leaving in its wake a wonderful feeling of fun and class all at the same time. It was a little of a rocky start what with Wade being very angry in the car at Esther for not packing his hair product. Contrary to popular belief I can see why he was upset, but probably he was a little too upset and I think the real reason was the fact that he had to be out of bed before noon on a Saturday. I just don't think Adventure Saturday is a good time to air problems it's a day of fun celebration.

Anyway the first place we headed was to Reunion Tower to eat at Antares. To say it was cold would be putting it mildly. Apparently the Hyatt and the freeway create this wind tunnel that sucks you in while you walk towards the entrance from the parking across the street. Also apparently there was actual parking for the tower, instead of the 8 dollar parking we parked in that threw in the ice cold walk for free, but it was worth it to get out of the vehicle before Wade killed us. So we get to the tower elevator after a chilly as hell walk and let me tell you eating at the restaurant is cool and I'm scared of heights, but getting to it via elevator is sheer terror. I just new I was going to die. We made it up and it was fun just to say we've eaten there but the food was not worth the price (especially the tower dessert I had to have) and the service was horrible. Now the busboy was excellent and Antares should really consider moving him up to wait staff since he refilled the drinks and actually took our dessert order when our crappy waiter disappeared. Still it was a very classy place and it made us feel rich and powerful for a few minutes, till Wade broke out in song and I had to scold him.

After leaving we decided to take some pictures by the tower in the frigid conditions and Wade was a real trooper, with all the hoisting me and the laying on the frozen ground to take pictures of me and Esther. Then we went to Pioneer Monument. Lots of bronze steers so I got my steers and queers pic that still makes me giggle, and we just generally played like kids for half an hour. A nice bonus was the cemetery we found next to it full of 1800's graves and bums. Wade is writing a letter to the mayor; it's a disgrace. There was one freaky grave that was a baby basket made out of wire, or something for an infant grave. I don't know go check it out in my photo albums its weird http://photos.yahoo.com/jenn_rok

Finally we headed over to the Asian art museum which was free, but I donated the few bucks I had in my purse just because it felt right, and we looked at all the stuff. Esther and I liked the horse carvings and the origami and we all learned that Wade has been pronouncing faade wrong for ever.

It was a good Saturday; they always are though so no surprise there. I can't wait till this week when we hit a few museums and another restaurant. There was going to be a fountain excursion, but then I heard it was supposed to actually be wintry again this weekend which just seems ridiculous to me since its about 80 degrees out there right now.

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