i need a beer

2006-03-31 / 8:36 a.m.


So itís been on of those weeks. My cats got declawed and they are not happy, my mom thinks sheís dying and my boyfriend found out his deployment unit. Le sigh
First off the cats are doing well, I think. I canít get Zelda out from under the bed and I need to take her in this morning to get her bandages removed. This would be the time for who ever said cats were easier to be killed by firing squad because this whole ordeal has been nothing but a pain in the ass.
My mom has lupus. Itís a mild case but still she has her days. This week and the last have been especially bad, so she comes over to my place to have lunch this week only to talk all about her possibly having heart failure or a GI bleed. Its not that I donít care I just find it rather morose to sit and eat a Burger King hamburger and talk about my parentís death. The next day she felt fine. I miss the days when they kept the bad news from me. Its not that I donít care, because I do, it just that my mom tends to assume the worst and instead of getting herself checked out will just sit and mourn her impending doom for a while, which in turn makes me sad. I wish my dad would just marry her and let her quit working so much, itís really starting to take its toll on her health. Heís just being an ass at this point about it.
As for Brian: I am so happy at the way things are looking for us as of late. I really am. The only problem is him. I am so worried about him but there is nothing I can do. I know its hard living with absolutely nothing in a place you donít know and you donít even like very much. If I could somehow make everything better I would, but this is not something I can fix. The only thing I can do is remind him that I will be there soon and while its not really going to fix anything at least he wont be miserable alone and we all know that if we are miserable we want some else miserable with us. Plus there is this new issue of his going to war. Itís always been in the back of my mind that he might have to go but I guess I always assumed he was fairly safe with his being a computer programmer and not say a pilot or a marksman. I donít know what will happen if he leaves. Heís all nonchalant about it telling me heíll leave the check book with me, but Iím not really worried about money. I worry about not being informed if something happens; I worry what the hell Iíll do if something happens. I just donít like it one bit and its times like these that I wish he wasnít in the air force. I know he thinks he canít do anything else but one day I hope he wakes up and realizes his potential; if nothing else I wouldnít have stuck around all this time with a moron, stupid people annoy me.
So now to go to work soon and close, yay for the boss punishing me for a day off! I love closing every night this week and working Saturday really I do.


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