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2006-03-04 / 5:26 p.m.

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Ok time for even more dorkiness, but I think I want a running log of video games I own and have managed to beat, so here it goes:

I was a little worried when the series changed developers. Lets face it: Snowblind did such a terrific job with the first title in the series it didnt seem likely that anyone else would be up to the challege, plus it would have to compete against Snowblinds all new hack 'n slash Champions of Norrath. My fears were misplaced. This game is clearly awesome from start to finish. There were some major improvements such as unlimited arrows, character specific quests, and easier leveling high levels. Thats not to say it didnt have a few flaws. While there may have been more character choices, none of the characters was exactly what I was looking for. Someone should have removed the rogue and put in a true sorcerer. That being said the best characters would have to be necromancer and barbarian in my opinion. They represent two completely different playing styles yet they are both are executed perfectly no matter your choice. Once again the game was beaten with every character, and I used the necromancer for extreme mode.

A masterpiece. Lets just say I've beaten this game more times than I can count with my elven sorceress. I have her at lvl 36 and I beat it on extreme. My only complaint: its stupid that her most powerful magic is uselss against the last boss when you need it most. Still hours of entertainment here folks, hours! And yes I have officially beaten it with every character. The sorceress is by far the best choice in my opinion.

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