Warning!! Sad and critical entry ahead! Warning do not read if you are happy!!

2005-02-15 / 9:57 p.m.


Well I think I may have had the crappiest couple of days...(excluding my roommate although I am stealing some of her problems, cuase they made me sad too) So this is a poor me entry. I want something in writing so months later I can look back and say you know what, this isnt as bad as february.


My roommate goes to jail. This doesnt affect me in anyway, but still I feel bad for her. She is my best friend and I feel bad that I dont even have enough money in my uncleared payroll
check to bail her out.


I get in a fight at work with a girl that I consider a friend, but as of late hasnt been doing shit at work and I'm just tired of it. Then she tries to take credit for stuff I've done...not going to happen. She leaves early even though she arrives late, since we are working with nice but clueless pharmacists who dont even notice. Later that evening Dad ruins our Valentines Day dinner by forgetting to make reservations, so we go to an overpriced not so good restaurant.


Bleh...nothing exciting, Brians all depressed since he's bored with ffxi and goes to the store to purchase himself a new game.


Ahhh Valentines day...everyone at work has flowers or plans and of course everyone asks me what I did for Brian and what Brian did for me...I sent him something, he called me. My pharmacist gives me a rose thereby out doing my boyfriend on the most romantic day of the year. My parents are acting like children and my dad would rather sit on his ass and watch 24 than actually keep his plans with my mom for valentines day, and cant seem to understand why she's upset. I have to call and tell him he's stupid and mean sometimes and just one day out of the year he could tape his television, girls find today important, and it makes us sad that we are single or unappreciated. He tells me I'm not sad...I just sigh, since I cant tell him...found out that very day my car is in both are names...his first like I co-signed for him. Fuck you incompetent Buz Post. I call my mom and tell her at least you got a fucking card, dinner, and some money in that card granted it was Saturday, and he had plans with you tonight but still, I got nothing. This surprises even her, who has really been ok with Brian just not the move. Liz and I crap out on a good evening, the rich creamy drinking chocolate makes us sleepy. I dont even talk to my boyfriend tonight hes busy playing his new game...his girlfriend is at home going to bed sad and surprisingly lonely on valentines day.


My friend Blake has bad news from his former girlfriend who proceeds to go psycho and smash his stuff...he is freaking out about calling in to work. Dumb boy...I tell him to ask for Glynn. My roommate loses her job, I feel awful for her, I know it sucks. Plus now I get to worry about money. Not that I think she wont get a job immediately, but it still sucks. They put my dog to sleep...its for the best and I know it but Jesus I'm crying now just thinking about it. She was my dog and a very good one at that. Max was always friendlier than her, but she was so much less trouble. Besides she didnt need to be nice to anyone, she was nice to me.

All I can hope is that the rest of hte week improves, I'm going to go ahead and apologize to everyone that reads this that konws me...I'm not feeling very socialable. I dont get down very often, but I am right now, so please dont take offense if I am less than my talkative self, or kinda distant. I'm ok, really I am, just probably not as cheerful for the next few days.

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