2005-06-29 / 7:12 a.m.


So andrew says that bunk ass diaryland is going to be fixed...maybe I'll start updating again. Till then:

visitation is nice

man I can get used to Bri being in town. I actually like seeing him everyday. Tats good right? I am moving up there.
Family stikes again

My mom is an insensitive self centered bitch. Everytime I defend her she just lets me down again. BAh
I Win

The one person I despise more than anything was mentioned yesterday. I was polite, but all bets are off now, bitch. Thats all I'm saying. I was right all along and now I know it for sure. You wanna play games, dont worry I will win...I always do.

Sigh I didnt feel like making a real entry. Sorry you guys got fragmanted thought, but thats what a lack of sleep and too much sex does to you. :)

cabbages and kings