valentines day makes me wish I had cyanide pills

2005-02-14 / 6:46 a.m.


Happy Valentines Day. Yay. I get to go to work and see all the ridiculously happy people that actually get to see there significant others today and actually have real plans for the day. I'm sure a few will get flowers and I will simply try not to swallow an entire bottle of lorazepam just to get out of watching it all. Even Tim is taking Melanie out tonight. Le sigh. I wish I were with Brian, but then I remember it really wouldnt matter if I was, he hates this day.
Speaking of Brian he did call me at midnight last night to tell me happy valentines day. He seems to be doing better; he picked himself up Worlds of Warcraft and has fallen in love with the new game. I'm just glad hes being amused again. He is actually calling in today so he can stay home and play his game. Lucky Bastard...I played GTA till the wee hours of the morning and I wish I could call in, I must get more missions done...damn you Marty Chonks...At least he should be there to sign for his present it should be there around 3 I think. I bet I get world of warcraft for my does sound fun, but frankly I dont have the time to put into a game like that. I barely play GTA and thats only when I cant sleep, I am just too busy.
Speaking of busy, I was supposed to go to some concert tonight for valentines day with Liz and Blake, but now she doesnt have any money and I dont have much, so that wont be happening more than likely... I have to think of something to do though, poor blake has nothing to do and hes still living with the ex so he cant go home...

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