"and even if you did miss me you never let me know..."

2005-02-19 / 7:18 a.m.

Listening:: Paper Doll--Fleetwood Mac---Stevie rocks!!
Playing:: GTA 3---you will not beat me Salvatore!
Reading:: The ultimate history of video games---about 100 pages left in this tome of knowledge

Once again someone has been reading the heck out of my back entries. Thanks who ever you are, its nice to feel interesting, even when I realize just how boring it truly is.
Have you even felt unappreciated? Maybe thats the wrong word. In fact I cant think of the right word right now, but its something in between unappreciated and neglected. I'm glad Brians having fun with his friends but prior to this week I cant think of the last time I went a night without talking to him, and its been a couple this week. Its not that I expect him to drop everything and have an hour long conversation with me, if hes doing something else, but a hello would be nice. It just kinda makes me feeel like I was good to have around when he was bored and wanted someone to talk to, but now that hes busy it doesnt seem to matter. I guess I didnt realize how much I actually looked forward to talking to Brian every night until it didnt happen. Its very tough not being with him. All we get are phone conversations for now and frankly it sucks. Yes I can deal, because I know that soon things will change but that doesnt make the next 6 months any easier. And damn this has been one crazy week and I just want my stupid boyfriend here and he isnt.
Oh the Wade drama worked itself out, apparently he was just so drunk he was calling everyone in his phone. Hes not sure what he was going to tell my dad, but if its anything like paiges mom I'm glad he missed the call. What makes me madder is the fact that dad thought wade might actually know something. Granted he did, but only from reading this, which is why I preemptively locked this, just in case he gave this to my dad. Andrew was a big help and I appreciate it. He listened to me bitch and worry for quite a while till I found wade, and was reassured that he had no nefarious plot planned; it was all just alcohol induced. We actually had a good laugh over it. Only wade. Although I do really think its time for him to get some help. No one should drink so much they dont remember even calling half of the metroplex.
Ok off to a wonderful day at work...I might actually get together with Dani B. to watch some movies. YAY!!

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