I wish it were Thursday...I wonder if I'll come home?

2005-03-14 / 5:33 p.m.

Listening:: From a Distance---Bette Midler (LOVE her)
Playing:: Baldurs gate
Reading:: Diary of Jack the Ripper

I have about 100 million things to do before I leave thursday. Bah and I am too lazy to do even one of them. Sunday was a good day. I got my hair dyed and cut, you know trying to look all cute for the boy. Not that he cares, but still I like him so I would hate to look like trash when I go to see him. Speaking of looking like trash is it just me but whats with the number of parents now days swigging down the booze while out with their kids, ignoring said kids, then wondering why kids get drunk and do bad things. Its called a cry for attention people. Put down the beer, set a good example, and actually pay some damn attention to your children, maybe they'll turn out decent. As you can tell every restaurant I went to this weekend had a long wait and I got to people watch. The On the Border fiesta trio was so worth it though.
I"m fixing to head over to moms with all my dirty laundry. She is the best mom sometimes. She knows I'm busy so she is doing my laundry and she will bring it back Wednesday while I'm at work and leave it for me. Super awesome!!
I've got a birthday party tonight, work and the saucer tomorrow, spa night with steph Wednesday and packing, gosh and I would like to clean up the house a little before I leave. I was proud of myself last night. I watched Boston Legal but during every commercial I got up and did something, from taking out trash, to doing dishes. I felt like my mom, but in that good I acomplished something instead of wasting an hour feeling that she always talks about.
On a side note, finished another book. Its under the reviews. I really liked this Jack the Ripper book. I'm starting on the last Jack the Ripper book I own, so if someone wants to get me another that would be cool. I know its weird but I find the whole thing fascinating.

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