my tax money is already gone

2005-03-13 / 10:37 a.m.


Yesterday was a good day. Work was probably the shittiest its been busy wise in a long time. On the plus side we did figure out that if there is no cycle it only takes 3 people to run the store on a saturday. Of course thats working so hard they sweat but still, good to know I can almost sibgle handedly pull/card the saturday perscriptions. Of course Garcia and candace made it possible and Anna Y. with her neverending good place cycle work.
After work Anna Y. and I went looking for this wedding dress shop in grapevine. It doesnt exist, so we tried southlake. It didnt exist either. So basically we cruised around town getting extremely windblown since the air in her mercedes decided to break that morning and it was freaking burning up yesterday. Winter is Ovah!! I cant wait. Before the weather gets all gross and over 100 I have some fun things to do. Anna and I are going to go dress shopping for real in two saturdays,and I think Danielle and I are going to go to lunch in dallas and go to the kennedy museum. I'm sure I'll have to take a trip to the zoo, or the botanical gardens soon too.
The party last night was fun. I wasnt in the mood at all, but it was fun. Laura calls me and offers to drive me so I can drink then freaking leaves after an hour. Luckly I had several offers of rides but still it was kinda rude. I finally met Steve, Danielles fiance and hes supper cool and fun; apparently we went to school together and we had a blast laughing about it and of course glenview pharmacy. Its such a good conversation stater. Blake has some weird and scary friends. Ryan the 16 year old child put bubble bath in the pool, this guy named desi shows up in chaps and has a knife in his belt, and then there was chad the wigger. Its like Vince Vaughns character in Be Cool, he was literally rapping. Still good times were had by all.

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