ďdid you see him hitting on the queen, when heís just nine and sheís fourteen..Ē

2005-05-19 / 4:48 a.m.


Star wars night. A night filled with nostalgia so palatable itís a force not a little bit unlike that haloed one called upon in the movies. Itís so funny watching the people and wondering if you are going to catch a glimpse of someone from the past. The guy with the double bladed red Darth Maul light saber brought a smile to my face for a moment. Isnít it funny how things as stupid as that can take you back years. I truly hope that Tom is as happy as I am, and I know that he saw that movie and I know he enjoyed. Sometimes I would like to say hi though. All in all it was a good night, filled with fun, booze and friends. I loved the movie; I wanted to go home and watch all the star wars movies and then go again tomorrow. As to be expected Brian hated it. How was that expected? I liked it. Apparently turning to the dark side for love is a stupid reason, the dialog sucked and all jedis are pussies, especially Obi-Wan. Funny enough he is my favorite; I thought his line about there being no absolutes to Anakin was the greatest.
Brian got bored at the movies and went and bought himself a psp. It bothers me that he can afford to make stupid decisions like that and last month I couldnít even afford my birth control. Talk about feeling real good. Itís not his fault. It just sucks for me. I honestly donít buy hardly anything with my money; I donít go out and get new games or books anymore. I just canít. Iím trying like crazy to pay off some stuff because of moving up there, and heís out buying psps like their 20 bucks.
I cant believe its 4:30 and I cant sleep.


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