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2005-05-12 / 9:07 a.m.


Ok I got nothin' right now... My mom found out she had lupus and all I can picture is her morphing into the monster that is Miss Vicki,plus thats mildly frightening on its on. Mom's never been a strong person, and this is actually serious so lets hope at least one of us holds up. I miss Brian a lot and for some strange reason I just want to see him. I am generally ok with the distance but I need a hug. You know its love when I dont mind being woke up at 6:00am when I just went to bed at 1:00am. Daniel is coming up at the end of this month and we are going to plan the move, stuff like getting him a plane ticket, renting a van, all that fun stuff. Hes going to go with me and help move all my stuff then fly home. Such a sucker, I wonder how long the you turned out to be gay card will work to get me things? Just kidding, he's one of my best friends and I appreciate his help more than he'll ever know. And I do appreciate the if he hurts you I'll kick his ass speech immediately followed by the I cant wait to meet him exclamations. He just cant be mean. Speaking of best friends; is it odd to consider your boyfriend one? I'm just curious since I do.
I've got nothing else interesting to say so I stole this from tuff517 and geek-out.

Would you rather:
1. Not wear any underwear for a month OR wear underwear of the opposite sex for a month?
This depends on style, I have seen several pairs of mens underwear that are less substancial than some women's. So bring on the homo thongs!! If its boxers I must chose from, going commando doesnt bother me that much...

2. Be forced into the witness relocation program OR have somebody steal your identity? witness Relocation program. It could be an exciting adventure.

3. Eat a zebra steak OR scrambled ostrich eggs? Scrambled Ostrich Eggs. I have a hard time eating regular steak sometimes.

4. Go on vacation to disneyworld for a week OR japan for a week? I know I'll get some laughs for this, but man everytime I've been to Disneyworld I've had a blast. From my parents to Tom and Michelle, everytime has been great. Let me tell you if my parents cant ruin a vacation, it truly is the happiest place on earth, so bring on the magic kingdom!

I did watch Lost in Translation last night with Liz. I liked it, but I dont think it was as grand as everyone has made out. It left me wanting more and not in the good, I cant wait fo the sequel way. So Bill Murray was funny, it had a lot to say about relationships, and Bil Murray embarrasses himself a few times. I cant stand to watch people embarrass themselves so that was a downer. Plus ehh I dont know, liked it but not enough to own it.

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