umm yeah the last few days....dont exist

2005-07-04 / 9:26 a.m.


Wow, the nightmare is over. He finally showed up, crying and sorry for what he had said. Never did I expect that. His damn family convinced him it was for the best, he thought he'd made a mistake after that but didnt think I'd listen, I did. He wanted us to act like it never happened, that he hadnt said those things and he's right. I love him, no matter what, and I am capable of forgiving this. I am so proud of him for actually realizing his mistake in a timely manner this time, instead of months later like normal. We will be ok, I just cant wait to move so we can get the fuck away from poeples advice.
The thing that pisses me off so much is that his family acted so nice to me this time, while they were secretly trying to ruin things behind my back. Apparently I will not get a job and will get Brian thrown out of the airforce. You know out of the 2 of us I am a much more reliable person. Brian is responsible now, but over our entire lives it wasnt like that. I'm the kid who didnt almost not graduate, who worked a full time job senior year and still graduated cum laude, covered in medals. I'm the girl who has gone to school, always had a job, stuck out the crappy ones just because you cant not work. I have some debt thats for sure, but I always pay my bills on time, and I have the best credit rating that the car salesman I bought my car from had ever seen for someone my age. So dont tell me I'm going to get someone kicked out due to poorness. Yes I wont have a job for a bit up there. That was part of the deal. I have to get moved and settled in and actually learn where I live. That will take what 2-3 weeks. I am sure Brian can make it that long. Besides the fact that he already has been making it, I'm not adding that many bills. 2 credit cards minimum payments and car insurance. ummm I think he can handle that for a month. My car is paid up through next year with nothing due so dont have to worry about just makes me so angry. I've worked really hard to pay down my debt too so the minimum payments wont be so high.
Oh well, its ok now, for once he didnt listen to his family. At least my crazy ass mother stays out of it. She lets me make my own decisions, and respects them when she doesnt agree. Sigh I guess everyone hates the inlaws...

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