Turkey day '05

2005-11-24 / 7:38 p.m.


Ahh the obliquitory thanksgiving entry...Every year I feel obliged to make one and this year is no different. I had a sureal thanksgiving this year. I had a friends thanksgiving which far surpassed my true one, a half angry one with close family, and a distant one with the siblings. I did learn that I actually love my sister in law Lori a lot. I dont know how she married into us bunch of pychos but god bless her, she made my night. Apparently I have been drafted next season to her and her mom's soccer league. My sister was good as usual. I had a good laugh since she has no idea how to relate to her quiet, smart, video game playing daughter. Just send her my way. I hope this doesnt mean I'll have a daughter like her, I'll just go ahead and rip my tubes out myself.
I learned how to make a real thanksgiving feast this year. I got up at 5:30 and learned all about preparing a turkey, making gravy, and dressing ( I knew that one). I was up well past one waiting on a phone call that never came...yep, still got up so I could learn how to make a turkey for the no caller either. Someone stamp sucker on my forhead. Talked to Danny...I miss him. I miss his take on things. Always the optimist like me I could use a little of his charm right now.
Friends night was awesome last night. I had such a good time seeing everyone even if I couldnt stay late. Wade and I took pictures like crazy people, which is why no one should give either of us a camera. We had good food, and fun times. Ester cooked some great turkey and a good time was had by all even Andrew. :)

Who can say if I've been changed for the better? But because I knew you I have been changed for good.

That little gem says it all. I am so thankful for the many people in my life. Its nice to know that I have frineds that I can count on. There are new ones whom I cherish just as much as the old ones. But then some of those older ones...we've all been through so much and I'm more thankful than anything that we still try and we come back together. Its like it was meant to be.
I'm thankful for second chances. And third, fourth and fifth chances too. Life is too short to give up. I'm glad I never stop trying.
I'm thankful for just being. Sometimes thats enough.
Happy turkey day everyone!

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