Adventures Abound!

2006-01-10 / 8:43 a.m.


Lately I have been having the best time humanly possible it seems. Wade, Ester and I are really making an effort to do more fun things and so far we've actually done them. This weekend was our first Adventure Saturday, themed Kennedy assasination. I had planned everything complete with maps and directions and times and prices...really folks I love to plan; I'm convinced its my OCD. So Saturday morning Wade was runnning late; which was fine so Ester and I got all prettied up (I even curled my hair) and off to the Sixth Floor Museum we finally went. It was an amazing museum all the more fascinating for the fact that it was eerily the same as it had been back when the assassination occured. Everywhere you looked things were there to haunt you, from the beams in the ceiling to the crumbling brick on the outer walls. I found the museum to be a very powerful place; while I didnt exactly learn anything new, its very humbling to walk through the entire assassination scene picture by picture blown up on the walls all around you. Oh and the gift shop was amazing! I must have the print of Jackie and Jack in the New York ticker tape parade for over my fireplace. And apparently they have these dolls called the talking presidents. I find it odd that being called that there is a talking Hillary Clinton doll. Granted her box says talking first lady, but its still in the president series. Coincidence? I think not.
After we left there it was on to the conspiracy museum. I just new in my heart I was going to love this place. Unfortunately it was very blah. It could have been cool, but it didnt seem like they put much effort into the exhibits. The video they showed was good though. There is not a doubt in my mind that Kennedy's fatal shot came from the grassy knoll now. Not a one. There is something so cool about watching the original Zapruter film of the assassination in the conspiracy museum on lawn chairs, no matter how crappy the rest of the museum was.
Next we headed to the grasssy knoll, where we took pictures and I gestured frantically pointing out the bad view from the window, the impossibleness of a side head shot and other crazed pointing till Wade made me stop. Apparently no one else was pointing, but come on its the grassy knoll; its a mecca for conspiracy geeks like me. After we had our fun we went to a restaurant I had read about that sells hot dogs and homemade custard. It was really good and very reasonablly priced to boot! Ester and I got to take a picture with a giant hot dog (much to Wade's horror) and now I am definitely Wild About Harry's! (thats the name of the place: Wild About Harry's) I just cant say enough about their hot dogs. Finally it was time to wrap up the day with a trip to Oswalds grave. I new where the cemetary was and I had directions from the internet and my mom on speed dial. Someone she used to know was buried next to him, but apparently he has moved due to the desecration that was on going. The grave is just his name but it was cool to see it in person. We took some pics and headed out before Wade got eaten by zombies. Ester and I are so much braver.
At home we sorted through all the pictures we took and posted them on myspace. If anyone wants to check them out my diaryland name is the same as my myspace.
THe next day Ester ended up in the hospital, seems she's going to have to have galbladder surgery. Personally I feel that the hot dog from Harry's is to blame. Look at the picture and you'll see what I mean. Seriously though I was all worried so I took her dinner and we watched Desperate Housewives together. Yes I guess she will be my new housewives buddy. I do not beg to hang out with anybody. GRRR feelings hurt, but not going to let it get me down! Needless to say Wednesday I will be at the hospital, probably making an ass of myself since that makes people laugh to cheer her up. We have to have her well again, because I refuse to go on adventures without her.
Finally yesterday I cooked a nice healthy dinner for Wade and Ester for Monday netflix night. I had never made Asian chicken stir-fry before but man it was delicious! I got the recipe from Campbell's but there was a whole lotta tweaking going on. Thats the joy of cooking for me now; used to I was bound by a recipe and I measured and I studied, but no more! I cant think of the last time I measured the amount of seasoning I put on something or even the last time I only put in what a recipe called for unless it was my own. Also I got strawberry shortcake so ester could have something sweet that wasnt too fattening, damn her organ of death! It was good though, actually I love strawberries and would eat them everyday if I could afford them. Those bastards are high out of season. The movies were just ok to me this week. Elephant was about a school shooting and it was good and it had the potential to be very good but it dragged too much and didnt give a good feel for the characters. Frankly I didnt care that some of them were getting picked off. 21 grams was our other movie. I want to like it more than I did. It was a good story, amazing twists, but it just dragged. It should have wrapped up 30 minutes earlier than it did. Still I think I liked it best just because the plot had me constantly amazed if only the scenes hadnt dragged. And the out of joint time thing is cool, but please make the characters look a little different if its pears ago; that got confusing.
So much more to do and I have to plan next weekend, and all sorts of fun will occur this week i'm sure. Ester may be having surgery but Wade and I can even make a hospital fun I assure you!

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