its nice to be loved

2006-03-14 / 9:05 a.m.


Well the weeekend is come and gone and with it so has Brian. I cant put into words what a difference I've seen in him recently. He was sweet and unselfish, not so wrapped up in his family he forgot me, and just generally fun to be around. He did his best to show me that he loved me this trip and I have to say he was wonderful. I think our relationship might finally have hit that turning point; where we are both serious about making this thing work.

I went to dinner at his family's Thursday. I have to say its odd when someone does their level best not to speak to you. His mom is always nice; hell even his sister was pleasant, but not his dad. It honestly didnt bother me, because it just made him look like a jackass. Not that I can talk my dad is no better so I kinda saw it as a we're even now sorta thing. We hung out at his sisters and got his giant cat ajusted to her place since thats where he's staying then we came back to my place where we watched tv and I played the new video game he searched all over Nebraska for trying to find for me. I love Dragon Warrior! We were just killing time since Wade and Esther where going out and while I love them I thought the roommates were never going to leave. Needless to say I had to get up super early and drive him back to grand prarie and then go to work.

Friday he was too tired to do anything apparently. Grrr. But thats ok because it was horror flick night at Tim's and that is always fun. We enjoy bad movies, they make us laugh.

Saturday we hung out all day; we went to 2 malls and ran into our old boss who didnt even recognize us but thats ok because he got fat and it made us giggle. It was odd being in the mall where we used to work. I know it sounds stupid but it brought back a ton of good memories that I had forgoten till that point. All the Tilt breaks, and the lunches, the buying anime every week to watch together, we had some good times in that place. Well after the mall we went to half price books and Bri bought me the copy of Beowolf I had been looking for ( I know NERD!) and then we went and got ice cream. He doesnt even like ice cream but he was being nice because he knows thats my weakness. I even got some money to get the cats declawed with. Its never been about wanting Brian to give me money but I do think that if he wants certain things done, like declawed cats, he should help pay for them because they arent bothering me. This time he did. I'll be making an appointment later today. We went back to his parents for dinner and then back to my place to drink ourselves silly with Paige, TJ, Esther and Wade. Bri is not socialable. Not in the least. Maybe it was the beer but he seemed to actually have fun, and even him and Wade got along which was really important to me. I had a blast even when the cops got called on us when in reality it was the crazy drug addict wandering the complex being loud. I did have a near naked miss with Wade, drunk people who forget to knock are funny. That or he just wants to see my boobs yet again.

Sunday I took him home and said goodbye. I cried a little I'll admit it. I like having him around and it makes me sad to know he wont be there when I wake up. I know it wont be long until I see him again. Also I think this trip actually made me realize that he really does love me and is really trying to make this thing we have work, so I'll live, but I'm still sad. Jessica was kind enough to come over and watch Flavor of Love with me though and laugh and laugh. I appreciated it, it took my mind off of being sad.

Now to just get through Wades birthday and then I'll take a nap!

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